every year after you turn 17 you get further away from being the age of the dancing queen and that’s my least favorite thing about growing up

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i googled “why do cats run around and meow at night” and one of the results listed this as a cause:


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your body is 93% stardust so dont give up little star (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Zodiac Signs as Drake Songs


Aries: “HYFR” Ft. Lil Wayne
Taurus: “Take Care” Ft. Rihanna
Gemini: “The Motto” Ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga
Cancer: “Hold On We’re Going Home” Ft. Majid Jordan
Leo: “Fancy” Ft. Swizz Beatz & TI
Virgo: “Best I Ever Had”
Libra: “I’m On One” Ft. Dj Khaled, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne
Scorpio: “November 18th”
Sagittarius: “Headlines”
Capricorn: “Started From the Bottom”
Aquarius: “Marvin’s Room”
Pisces: “Furthest Thing”

*sends nude snapchat*
OMG yaaaaas
Boys will be boys
I still love him he's the best
*iCloud gets hacked and private pics are leaked*
*Face gets photoshopped onto nudes*
Omg what sluts, they're terrible role models!!!


i just want a small apartment with a light pastel aesthetic on a high floor in a rainy city with soft cotton white curtains and old comfy furniture and minimalistic shelves and mini cacti on my window sill